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Join Deva Premal & Miten “LIVE ON STAGE” in 2023 in Mexico City, Calgary, Toronto, Quebec City, Ottawa, Montreal, Paris, Tallinn, Antwerp, Zurich, Stockholm, Munich, London, Hamburg, Nuremberg, Mulhouse..and other major cities and summer festivals.
With renewed inspiration and a collection of new and old classics, including the Gayatri Mantra, the Moola Mantra, So Much Magnificence, Rain of Blessings, Tara Mangalartha Mantra…and many others from their recent best-selling album, TIMELESS, Grammy nominated Deva Premal & Miten are back on the road.Together with their Temple Band, Deva and Miten present an evening of great music, loving hearts, open voices, and immersion into the bliss of mantras and meditation.
…LIVE ON STAGE…Dates and tickets links are below.**Ticket information will be added for all events over the coming weeks**

May 3, 2023Mexico City, METICKETS
May 12, 2023Calgary, CATICKETS
May 14, 2023Toronto, CATICKETS
May 16, 2023Ottawa, CATICKETS
May 18, 2023Quebec City, CATICKETS
May 21, 2023Montreal, CATICKETS
July 15, 2023Bhakti Yoga Fest, Barcelona, ESTICKETS
July 21-22, 2023Yoga Mela Festival, SETICKETS
September 19, 2023Paris, FRTICKETS
September 22, 2023Tallinn, EETICKETS
September 24, 2023Antwerp, BETICKETS
September 26, 2023Siegburg, DETICKETS
September 28, 2023Offenbach, DETICKETS
September 30, 2023Zurich, CHTICKETS
October 2, 2023Nuremberg, DETICKETS
October 4, 2023Prague, CZTICKETS
October 5, 2023Vienna, ATTICKETS
October 8, 2023Stockholm, SETICKETS
October 10, 2023Almere, NLTICKETS
October 11, 2023Almere, NLTICKETS
October 13, 2023London, UKTICKETS
October 14, 2023London, UKTICKETS
October 16, 2023Hamburg, DETICKETS
October 18, 2023Mulhouse, FRTICKETS
October 20, 2023Munich, DETICKETS

New Music: Tara Mangalartha Mantra (Climate Balance) feat. India.Arie

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☀️ New Single – Out Now

We’re delighted to share with you our latest creation ‘Tara Mangalartha Mantra (Climate Balance)’, beautiful Tibetan Buddhist mantra, devoted to the deity, Tara and recorded with neo-soul avatar, 5-time Grammy winner, India Arie.

“We invoke the presence of the 12th Tara,” Deva explains. “She brings the restoration of natural balance. We feel Mother Earth is in need of our help in these times and in the Tibetan tradition, Tara is seen as the Goddess with the power to prevent natural disasters and regulate seasons. Due to these precarious and uncertain times, India and I decided to dedicate the track to the benefit of all living beings on Planet Earth, and will donate all proceeds towards the restoration and the cleaning of our beautiful oceans: So please help support this prayer.”

Listen to Tara Mangalartha Mantra (Climate Balance):

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New Music: I Just Close My Eyes

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A breezy, bossa groove underpins a hushed, heartfelt vocal performance by Miten. The sole English lyric on TIMELESS, this song dates from Miten’s time, living in the ashram of the Indian mystic, Osho.

“I Just Close My Eyes’ is composed by one of my fellow ‘Osho’ musicians – Swami Madhuro – and I’ve always loved it,” says Miten. “It’s a very simple chordal structure and the lyric is similar in form to a Zen haiku. Whenever Osho discoursed on the Zen masters, for devotees like me it would be a psychic dive into the deep waters of their teachings. Their wisdom would be reflected in our music.”

Stream / download now:

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Gayatri Festival, Costa Rica with Special Guests Estas Tonne, Peia & Joby Baker – DEC 24 – 31, 2022

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So happy to let you know that our dear friend and guitar virtuoso ESTAS TONNE will be joining us for our GAYATRI FESTIVAL in Costa Rica, December 24-31!
Estas is a beautiful spirit, a wild and passionate musician. We’re sure many of you are aware of his amazing expertise on the nylon string guitar and his magical, musical transmission. We are in for a treat!
We first met here in Costa Rica in April and immediately felt the Love. Consequently, we invited him to join us for our musical extravaganza Christmas Event at Blue Spirit and we’re happy to say he accepted.
We also invited the wonderful singer and world musician, Peia to join the gathering. Peia is known for her mesmerizing singing in plant medicine ceremonies around the world.
And the wonderful Joby Baker – long-time band member and producer of all our recent albums – will also be with us.
So come prepared for a musical feast…a perfect way to spend the holiday season, singing our gratitude, dancing our prayers, and opening through our meditation, into A Deeper Light.
More info:

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“Nothing prepared me for what it was like to be with other people and sing. So powerful. To feel the energy flowing around and through you. To feel the love… everyone’s hearts were open. Beautiful. Transformational. If you go, you will never want to leave.”


with Deva & Miten 
June 3 – 10, 2023
Dec 23 – 30, 2023
Mar 23 – 30, 2024
For Group information & registration: Email Catherine with the dates of the group that you would like to join in the subject line. 


with Alberto Villoldo PhD, Marcela Lobos, Q’ero Shamans, Deva Premal & Miten
April 23 – 29, 2023
Booking Open


Deva Premal & Miten with The Temple Band
at the amazing Broughton Sanctuary
September 8-11, 2023
Email Catherine to “Register Your Interest” and be added to the email list to receive booking information as soon as it’s available.

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